E-marketching consulting Network marketing consultant Service

Though Network marketing is very complication, it can be summed up by three parts: First, to enable customers to find; Second is able to attract customers; Third is able to retain customers and transfer to sale. Network marketing business has become a major marketing tool now, but the shortage of E-marketing talent is also the current status of SMEs. As a network marketing consultant, our job is to help enterprises to develop e-commerce and Internet marketing work well with right, economy and fast network marketing strategies.
Our service including:
1, Website design Consultant:
    Website is the carrier of enterprise information, also the basis of network marketing. We providing Website design and Website marketing consultant for the enterprise to carry out Web-based marketing. But most of normal corporate websites are unexpect to find by anymore customers. So our job is fully take the E-marketing strategies and  Search Engine Optimization(SEO) into website, to designning the website become an emarketingman that can marketing anywhere by itself.

2, Network marketing Consultant:
    Company Website need to do much Internet Advertisement to spread and find by customers. For Web Promotion and advertising hare many ways, leading entrepreneurs often can’t understand it well and flying blind. This website promotion works will led to the waste of money and manpower, and doubt the value of website marketing promotion at last.
Our network marketing consultants services is based on the status and needs of corporate marketing, competitive environment, and the industry user analysis. We’ll formulate a scientific website promotional programs and in charge of implementation for you. Our purpose is to enable businesses and invest in fewer costs with achieve greater profits!

3, E-Marketing planning:
    Face to: enterprise marketing planning, B2B website planning, ebusiness planning, Internet trading planning
Objective: We help companies make an emarketing program, to assist marketing team-building, network marketing training, effection assessment and adjustment consultants. Our aim is to help your business make money in the shortest time.
Service items?
3-1, Website aims planning: Aims targeted or not, is the most important things for its survival and development. Our best creative and combine your resources to re-accurate positioning your website.
3-2, Wesite analysis: Systematic analysis and solving the problems on your website. Analysis item includes: Network Marketing-based analysis, search engine optimization analysis, user-friendly analysis. We’ll give you the “website analysis report”.
3-3, Website Optimizer program: According to the analysis report and aims of your website, we’ll plan the website optimize planning and help you to implementation the plan.
3-4, Network promotion planning: Based on your resources, team execution and promotion budget, we plaining the E-marketing promotion plan and help you to implementation the program. Promotional planning will be integrated to applicate network advertising, search engine optimization, PPC, alliance promotion, article promotion, blog promotion, forum promotion, E-Mail promotion, database marketing and Buzz Marketing.
3-5, E-marketing training: Do network marketing training for your marketing man, to promote the E-marketing skills to let them implementate your program much better.
3-6, E-marketing management consulting: We’ll recommend you the E-marketing management model, to make sure the normal running of your E-marketing plan; And we’ll providing website visitor analysis systems to help you promote the marketing effection.

4, Website profitable planning:
    If you’re a freelance or a webmaster, you must want your websites can making money for you. In our website profitable planning, we will provide you with professional website marketing planning and consulting services to make your website make money much faster.


eMarketing Solution services, Developing big markets in china !

We help our customers connect with people who are searching for what they sell!
We also help lots company worldwide to building or extend business in china!

“eMarketing China” have the expertise in all areas of online marketing to help you promote your online business to achieve your business goals. We integrate emarketing tools within your website, which include Optimization your website, emarketing skills Training, necessary web AD, effection evaluate& adjust and emarketing team Construction.

This type of proactive emarketing provides you with a faster return on your investment.
For all you eMarketing requirements, We will work through each stage with you.
  • We consulting you in the strategic planning of the campaign
  • We implement and manage the campaign
  • We measure the results which will give you information to make critical decisions inorder to increase revenue.
  • We refine the strategy of the campaign in order for your web site to  continue it’s increase in performance